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Harmon Clarke
Patient Partner
Personal Statement:

Harmon’s Crohn's Disease has limited his ability to be a whole person. In 2000, he was given a health sentence that he did not expect or even know how to accept. Not only was he challenged with Crohn's, but also with a form of ulcerated colitis and eventually diabetes. At such a young age, Harmon did not have a clue what would be in store for his health, for years to come. Stress, confusion, pain, and disease flareups became a way of life. Working with a complicated healthcare system became a way of life. He had no idea how his health was going to deteriorate in the best years of his life. Truly, he did not know what he was about to experience. Goodness, there was not a roadmap for his next years of health challenges. 


Harmon needs time to heal to strengthen his body.  He has been able to do this before with an opportunity to stay 100% focused on his health.  It is his goal to become a contributor, again, to society.



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