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The Voices in Pain Care

is a website dedicated to reporting results and insights from a study called "Integrating the Patient Voice into a Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Communication Strategies in the Management of Chronic Pain" that was performed at Cedars-Sinai and funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Conducted in partnership with patients, the study compared two ways to help patients and doctor discuss treatments for long-term pain. Doctors and patients don’t always talk about the risks and benefits of opioid medicines before choosing a treatment for pain. Studies show that patients and doctors may have different preferences for treating chronic pain. In this study, the research team compared two ways to help patients and doctors talk about the treatment choices. One way prompts doctors to talk with patients when treatments other than opioids might be effective. The other way educates patients about treatments for pain and encourages them to talk with their doctors about personal preferences. In this website we introduce the team behind the study, provide links to the patient educational materials used in the study, and will provide final results from the study once they are finalized in mid-2021.

Study Newsletters

Each month during the study the research team, including patient partners, developed a newsletter for people with pain enrolled in the study. These newsletters covered a wide range of topics about pain management, health, and wellbeing, and also profiled members of the team. Here you can browse the monthly newsletters that were created during the study period (ending in December 2019, the last full month of recruitment)

Contact Us

Our team is happy to answer questions you may have regarding our PCORI-funded research study 
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