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Angelo Burlos
Patient Partner



My name is Angelo Burlos. I have dealt with chronic back pain due to a bone infection since 2007,  sternum nerve pain from open heart surgery since 2006, and chronic migraines since early '90's.

In addition to opioid, nerve block injections help tremendously for my  back and migraines.  I also use a non-opioid prescription pain reliever called tramadol for my migraines and my sternum nerve pain as well.  Physical therapy is also a great tool for pain management.

After years of failed treatments by my primary care doctors, I was finally referred to the Pain Center at Cedars where the doctors are specialists in all areas of pain management. I've learned to ask questions about risks, side effects, success rates both for the provider and the procedure when it comes to new types of pain management my doctor my recommend or that I may inquire about on my own. 



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